Thursday, 8 May 2014

My morning adventure

  This morning on my daily walk down the back lane towards the bus stop, I notice a strange scene above the huge field behind my house. There were hundreds of birds!! Each singing their own song, but it just so happens that the song of these particular birds sounded like screaming, or a loud screeching. Walking all the way down the road listening to that made me feeling as though I was going to go insane. That noise, mixed in with the eerie look of the grey clouds passed off the feeling of being in a dream, or better suited a nightmare. In your inital view of this image you can see only a few of the winged creatures I witnessed, but when you look deeper into photo, specifically the bottom left corner. You can see the tons of birds. Every little black spot you see is a bird that I saw earlier today. As they flew from the field to the opposite side of the street I stopped to allow my curiosity to wander, as I watched the flock fly overhead. Though I was only granted short moment to stop and stare before I noticed something fall down, and land on the pavement next to me. My instant though was "OH NO!" As I lifted my binder above my head and continued down my back lane, this time picking up my pace to a run. I must say, it was quite the morning adventure. 

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